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I'm just a dabbler. I like to try my hand at everything- you name it I'll try it! Now, I'm not claiming to be the best, or even good at the things I try, but it's a learning process right! This blog is all about my trial and errors, so we all can make beautiful things!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello and Goodbye

I started this blog almost 3 years ago...
wow, time goes by so fast.

I love to craft, to sew, to use my glue gun and make beautiful things.
But blogging about it is getting to be too much.
I bit off more than I could chew, and was trying to maintain 3 (yes, three!!) blogs at once.
It's too much.
I'm going to leave all the tutorials and links, but there won't be any more updates.
Sorry all of you who have followed me.

But, my creative juices are still flowing.
I'm cookin' away in the kitchen.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which requires a strict, no cheating gluten free diet.
That means no wheat, barley, or rye products.
Bread, pasta, pizza, bagels, all out.
Could sound like a death sentence.
Or it could be delicious.
And it is.

Here's my blog:
Taming of the {celiac} Sprue
and you can follow me on Facebook.

Keep crafting, keep sewing and you can still email me any of your crafting questions.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So I've been a crafting slacker.  
But I have been making a few things.
I guess I'm mostly a blogging slacker.

Headband for my sister's birthday!
Super quick and super easy.

Using fabric scraps, I chose three corresponding fabrics.
I made the large flower by cutting a strip 2.5 inches x 20 inches.  
Then fold the strip in half, using a needle and thread gather together the raw edges together forming a circle.   Stitch to hold and glue on a button or other embellishment.
The twirly circles are made out of 2 inch strips, twisted and glued in a circle.
Then arrange flowers and glue to a cheap headband using felt on the back.
There you have it, thank goodness for hot glue.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pre-Made Scrapbook Pages

Before having Nora and these last few weeks, Eva has been very interested in when she was born and when she was a baby.  I pulled out the scrapbook and just the other day thought "oh what a great idea, I need to share this!"
A homemade, pre-made scrapbook.

(I don't know why these pictures won't rotate...no time to figure it out.)
My friend threw a really great shower for me when I had Eva, and at the shower the guests all made a scrapbook page and all I had to do was print out and glue in the pictures, add journaling and there it was a scrapbook finished in an afternoon.

I have been to other showers where this is the activity in lieu of games and it is so fun, and not to mention helpful for the new mom.
And you get a page from each of your friends!

Not only is this a good idea for you to make for others, but make one for yourself if you are in a scrappy mood, but don't have pictures yet.

Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matching Dresses

So my first project back from "maternity leave" was matching dresses for the little girlies.
I had to do something, I was going crazy with crafting energy, so we had spaghetti for dinner and my husband cleaned the house, and I sewed.

I think it turned out great:

Infant dress:
I will post a tutorial for this later.  I have a few kinks to work out first.
But she sure is cute.

Toddler Dress:
I used the Warhol Dress pattern from the Made website.
The fabric is a cotton that I picked up during our trip to the LA Fabric District.

I needed to add 1/4 in at the arm holes and about a 1/2 inch at the bottom for the hem, since the pattern is meant to be made out of a t-shirt. 
Those are the only adjustments I made to the 3-4 T size dress pattern.

Super easy and turns out super cute.
Expect to receive lots of compliments.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Liebster Blog Award

I'm so flattered!  
My friend Jenny over at An Apple For the Crafter, awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award for my crafting tutorials.
Like I said, I'm flattered.

I would also like to pass this fun award on to another craft blogger.
(This award is meant for bloggers with less than 300 visible followers.)

 Shonee, over at Simply Created.
Ok, this girl has some serious crafting talent.  Not only does everything she touch turn to gold, she is creative enough to see the end result and potential in different treasures found during thrifting outings.  On her site you will find sewing, photography, home decor, and so on.  I love looking at the things she "simply creates".

Pardon My Absence...

Yes, I know it's been awhile that I have posted anything...

But I will return with some tutorials and things that I have been working on.

My sweet baby girl was born 3 weeks early and didn't let me finish posting all that I wanted too, but I'm sure glad she's here!

Not only that, she's a wonderful newborn and very, very sleepy...so the late night blog posts that I was preparing to do, not happening.  Which I'm grateful for as well.

So check back soon.  I'll post about something good soon!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Beading Complete!

Quilt is finished, bumpers are finished.
All we have to do now is set up the crib and have the baby!

Making your own bumpers are super easy.
At any fabric store you can buy the pre-cut foam pads, which are awesome because they keep their shape, mildew proof, and fire retardant.
Everything you need for baby!

I got the Nu-Foam Baby Bumper Pads.
It comes with a pattern and instructions on how to cover them.  

So easy, so cute!